Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance

If any of the following sounds familiar, then hypnotherapy for sports performance might be just what you need to take your game to the next level.

You’re a talented sportsperson and a high performer. But sometimes, your inner voice derails you and makes you feel not good enough, strong enough, fast enough. Competitions create further tension and impact your performance. At times you feel as though you’re not stepping up to meet your full potential or kicking your goals consistently.

You find it difficult to receive feedback on your performance or use it to your benefit as a learning tool to spur your progress. It can be difficult to bounce back and reset after mistakes during play and recover your inner focus for the rest of your game.

Maybe your confidence is not as high with having time away during the pandemic. You have felt isolated being away from your sport and teammates. 

rugby players on pitch being tackled use hypnotherapy to improve performance
6 female sprinter competing on track use hypnotherapy to improve performance

What would it feel like to use your mind to boost your performance and build your mental strength using mental fitness training? 

Supercharge your performance with sports hypnosis. Get faster, anticipate better, react quicker, be more agile in your game and perform at a higher level.

At Peanut Hypno, I help you tap into ‘super tools’ to build a high performing mindset, increase your confidence and resilience so you can reach your full potential and access your inner strength whenever you need it.

Achieving the right mindset to power you up, ready to play at your best. Get a handle on your pre-game nerves and use them to fire you up for your game. Overcome setbacks on the pitch and build resilience from the feedback you get.

Even if you’ve messed up in your performance, I’ll guide you to build mental bounce back habits. These habits help you recover quickly in the moment and plough on with a winning performance. This allows you to access your full potential and gain control of your inner voice. 

Read about how Hypnotherapy can boost your sports performance, enabling you to take your talent to the next level and kick your sporting goals!

My sports hypnosis work includes the Sydney Swans, a premiership Australian Rules Football team and several swimming clubs.

golfer driving off tee having undergone sports hypnotherapy to improve performance

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If you want to try out the intro hypnotherapy sessions I created for the Sydney Swans follow the links below.

Session 1 – Hypnosis for Rapid Injury Recovery and Inner Strength

Session 2 – Hypnosis to Build Resilience with Feedback

Session 3 – Hypnosis to Develop Your Inner Coach