Clinical studies confirm hypnosis can reduce pain symptoms
person facing sunset enjoying life pain free helped by hypnosis

It’s exciting to see hypnosis is being more widely adopted to complement medical treatment for a number of ailments such as chronic pain to fibromyalgia.

The American Psychological Association

“In their 2003 review of controlled clinical studies, Dr. Patterson and fellow psychologist Mark Jensen, PhD, found that hypno-analgesia is associated with significant reductions in: ratings of pain, need for analgesics or sedation, nausea and vomiting, and length of stay in hospitals. Hypnosis has also been associated with better overall outcome after medical treatment and greater physiological stability. Surgeons and other health providers have reported significantly higher degrees of satisfaction with their patients treated with hypnosis than with their other patients.”

“Drs. Patterson and Jensen’s review concluded that hypnotic techniques for the relief of acute pain (an outcome of tissue damage) are superior to standard care, and often better than other recognized treatments for pain.”

“Chronic pain conditions for which hypnosis has been used successfully include, among others, headache, backache, fibromyalgia, carcinoma-related pain, temporal mandibular disorder pain, and mixed chronic pain.”

Source: Hypnosis for the Relief and Control Pain

A clinical study on the efficacy of Hypnosis on Tinnitus reported:

“The results have shown that 73% of SH [selself-hypnosis} subjects reported disappearance of tinnitus during treatment sessions, as compared with only 24% in the BAS [brief auditory stimulus] group. Moreover, the short-term (1 week) and long-term (2 months) symptom profiles of only SH [self-hypnosis] subjects revealed a significant improvement. Thus, SH [self hypnosis] may well be a beneficial method for the relief of tinnitus.”